How to choose a good hosting for your website

When it comes to website, they have to be hosted somewhere, on a computer that is always on, called a server. Since it is very hard to keep a computer online always by yourself, there are companies that do this for you, in exchange of a small sum of money.

Well, they are quite a lot of them around here, but who to choose ? The best hosting is the one who fit your website.

Judging on the poll i run here, on the right of the website, asking "How many websited do you own", many people have more that 2 websites. 21% of the voters have more than 100 websites, well, it is unbelievable to think that someone can own 100 websites, but that doesn't mean that he have to take care of everyone, he just own them. Maybe they were created just to promote other websites, but one thing is certain: there are different needs from web hosting.

If you do a simple search, web hosting firms offer hundreds of gigabytes, unlimited domains, unlimited databases, but before you choose, make sure they offer what you need for your website.

If you have a website in ASP, make sure that your web hosting provide you support for ASP.

If you are a starter you may not know what all that things mean, but in the same time you don't have high requirements.

There is a list with must-have features of a web hosting plan:

  • Domains allowed. It should me as many as possible, some hosting firms offers unlimited domains, but it should be at least 10. Even if you want to start a single website, there must be room for improvement.
  • Disk space. Even if you can host your website and all it's feature in less than 50MB, it is a good idea to have more. Usually, web hosting firms are offering few thousands of gigc, or unlimited, at low costs.
  • Bandwidth. This is very important, if a web hosting firm want to trick you he will offer you low bandwidth. Good web hosting firms offer unlimited transfer.
  • Databases allowed. Event if you have only one website, there is a great chance that you will use more databases, so this is also important.
  • PHP support. There is 99% chance that you will use php for your website. Good content management system are using PHP: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Support. Live support is very good, you don't want your website to be down a day until the normal support resolves your problems.

There are also many features that may be required for your website, or that will be good to be used as automated backups, but those above are the most important.

Another important aspect of web hosting that i want to tell you more about is web hosting management, your control panel. Some web hosting firms have custom hosting control panel, while others are using open source Cpanel software. While some control panels are made for different types of users, the Cpanel is not so intuitive but it is general. The advantage is that with control panel you can easily find answers for your questions, or tutorials how to use cpanel everywhere.

My choose is for Cpanel, it is very good in all aspects, and you don't need to figure out things as they are very well explained in tutorials.

If you ask me to recommend a web hosting firm, i will compile a list with few that i consider to be very good. I currently use Host Gator, which i'm very happy with because it offers me everything unlimited, i don't have to worry about those aspects, they use Cpanel, and they have all features possible for web hosting.

1. Host Gator.

In my opinion it is the best, because it offers everything.

  • Domains: UNLIMITED
  • Disk Space: UNLIMITED
  • Bandwidth: UNLIMITED
  • Databases: UNLIMITED
  • PHP support: YES
  • Live support: YES

Price:  8$/month . Click here for more details.

2.  Godaddy

Godaddy is more known for domains buy, but they have also good web hosting. They have different plans, at different prices. They have a good starting plan, at about 5$, where you can get 10GB space, 300GB bandwidth, 10 databases. Unless you are short on money, i don't suggest you to choose this starting domain, you can try the other plans. They also have unlimited everything, but at a higher price, about 15$.

To read more go to Hosting Plans

3.  PowWeb hosting

They are not so well known, but they have unlimited everything at 5$. This option is much better than godaddy starting plan that offers you 10GB. You get unlimited for as low as 5$. Reliable Web Hosting - $4.88/mo!

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