Is your website online all the time ?

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Probably the answer that comes into your mind is: YES. Well, it is a presumption based on several moments in a day when you check if your website is still there.

Has ever happened that you want to check your website and it was down ? Well, too bad for your hosting company. Because, if you enter only several times a day and you managed to find it down, it is very bad and you should consider moving hosting.

The same thing happened to me last year. Only on my occasional checkings on the website showed that i managed to catch the website down once a week. Once a month i contacted support to fix the issue. I was on Dreamhost, which i don't recommend for their uptime. They still have a good custom hosting management, but Cpanel is almost the same.

At that time i had to move to a new hosting. I was not happy, but i could take it on the chin.

Beside the regullary checks, you have to do something more to ensure that your website is online most of the time. Other strategy that i used to catch when my website was down was to generate a graph with hourly visitors on my website. If any specific hour shown a very low amount i knew that the host was down. That happened very often with my old hosting.

Now i'm using hostgator and i did not experienced downtime problems, so far.

But, if you want a professional host tracking service i suggest you to use . It is true that they have only paid service, they offer only a trial of one month, but they worth every penny.

If you don't have money, try to open a new account every month. It work that way.

They will check your site every minute, and will tell you how many minutes your website was down, and finally they will give you daily, weekly and monthly reports with your uptime percent.

If it is lower that 99% you really should change your hosting company.


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