When was last time you had a virus ?

How often you encounter problems with viruses ? I'm curios what precaution methods you use, how you find when you have a virus and how do you handle it.

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I did not encountered problems with viruses recently. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and it should tell me if a file is infected. To maximize protection i set the anti-virus to tell me whenever an application wants to modify system data or to modify registry files.

Many windows applications are built so they can grow roots into your system, and even if you un-install the application you will never get away from it.  It is because the windows way to handle this. They don't care about protection or privacy, any software can access everything.

Well, if you write a simple application in any programming language that will try to delete drive d: and send it to others, it will reach it scope. Most anti viruses can't do anything because it is not recognized as a virus. It takes time for an anti-virus to add the definition of your file into their database, so it can do a little damage if you deliver it well.

Maybe no one has interest to delete all your data, but they have interest to take your e-mail address, your contacts, your passwords, your credit card info. They have interest to pop-up windows on your computer to sell you stuff you don't want, they have interest to use your computer so they can replicate.

Such behaviours as trying to get private data, or poping up things on your desktop can be tracked. No software should be able to get data from the system or from other application. Instant message software has it's own data, browser its own so they should be protected. On windows they aren't, but a good anti-virus can help. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is able to track this kind of behaviour and it will tell you when an application want to access private data from another, or they have suspicious behaviour.

Please share with me what kind of problems do you face with viruses and how you handle them.

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