More than 50% of Ipgp users had problems with viruses in the last year

According to a poll that run on for over 3 months more than 50% of users had problems with viruses in the last year. This, taking into account that 17% don't know that a virus is, that may led us think that they wasn't aware that they had viruses.

A good thing is 25% of our users never experienced problems with viruses. I hope it was not an answer based on a high self-confidence, or they may had viruses they weren't aware of. I remember times when i first got to computers, the era before windows. I user MS-DOS + Norton Commander. At that time I was not aware about viruses and what they do and there is a chance that i had some of them but i never noticed. After i switched to windows i experienced some viruses problems in Windows 98 and Windows XP. At that time the Anti-virus term was not so popular.

These days, if you are a first time computer user, someone will tell you that you have to use an anti-virus. In this way there is a 95% chance that you won't get a virus, although there are so many ways that you can get infected.

If you have any security or virus issue please feel free to contact me using my contact form here . I will be glad to help you to get answers for your questions or to fix any issue you have with your computer.

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