3 Reasons you need an anti-virus

If you are new to computers and Internet, or if you just brought a new computer it is certain that you would ask yourself the question: "Do i need an anti-virus software on my computer ?". We will take the case where you use Windows operating system, if you have Linux or Mac this is not something that should concern you.

It was a time when the viruses were made only by executable files that you must run in order for the system to get infected, and that file was copied from a floppy disk. Times changed and i will list 3 reasons why you should get an anti-virus software.

1. Make sure the software you download is safe.

The main source of software is the Internet. You can find everything, software of all kind, for example a small tool that help you to manage your website, a small program that helps you with money calculations, a small game for your daughter, the poker software, etc.

You will download this kind of software every day and there is always a chance that those files are infected. What else you can do to protect yourself ?

This is the case where an anti-virus will do it's job, he check every file you download and tells you if it is infected or not.

2. You can use memory sticks without worry

Memory sticks are used to transfer data between computers not connected to the Internet. If they are already connected you should not use a memory stick but there are many cases when you use one. A classmate from college want to give you a file or you go with your memory stick to a print shop.

Although the files on the memory stick are not infected, when you insert the stick into a computer infected, some files will be created on the memory stick that on start-up it will try to infect every computer where it is inserted to.

This is a pain, but a good anti-virus can help you a lot in this case.

3. You are protected against network viruses that tries to exploit windows vulnerabilities.

We live in a time when you can get infected without actually doing anything. Just leave the computer connected to the internet with the firewall disabled and you will get infected. Viruses that exploit windows software vulnerabilities can get into your system.

That is sad, but you can get yourself protected against this kind of attacks with an anti-virus with Firewall support. These days almost all have one, but make sure you get the version that has it and not the anti-virus only.

Windows has a native firewall too,  but i wouldn't trust it too much. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and i recommend it to you. It can complete all tasks with success and you will feel safer.

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