What operating system do you use on you PC or Laptop ?

World in a light bulb.

Today i'm starting a new poll on Ipgp.net . This will be about operating systems. If you care about your security, the operating system can be decisive. If you have a very popular operating system you expect to see a wider range of viruses created for you. If the operating system is not popular then probably virus creators don't waste their time to create programs to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Few years ago we had a lot of security problems with windows XP, caused by the weak security measures from the operating system. That was bad and happened at about 2-3 years from the launch.

Now, a lot of people say that Windows 7 is very secure, but it is only 1 year from release so we can expect everything. In my opinion i don't see too many improvements on Windows 7 over XP, but i know that they got 3rd party software into the system to make it more secure. Microsoft brought some moderately popular anti-virus and security systems and integrated in windows 7.

Will they succed ? We will see this in short time.

What about linux, it is very secure ? Well, linux has an advanced security system that is harder to penetrate, but Linux have bugs and issues too, but it is not so popular and the exploits are not so well known. Beside this linux is very modularized, and if a person can get backdoor access trough a software weakness, he is restricted so some areas of the operating system, so he can't do severely damages or to take the control over your computer like they can do in Windows XP.

So, i invite you to vote on the poll, let's see how popular is Windows 7 after 1 year from his official birth.

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