How do you protect yourself against viruses

We all know that we  are facing a lot of problems because viruses and software vulnerabilities. This is happening mainly because of poor software that lack security issues, and i'm talking here about Windows. If you aren't careful you can end up with all your files infected, and if you don't protect yourself there is not much you can do.

I run a poll here because i want to find out if you use any anti-virus software, and if you do, which one ? Please be honest and vote even if you don't use any anti-virus software.

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I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. and i'm very happy. While i have Kaspersky i can browse any website and i know that i won't get infected from malicious websites, and i'm also protected against network viruses that tries to profit from windows vulnerabilities.

The viruses is not such a big problem for me because i don't download files that i don't trust, or cracks and warez, but if you do, kaspersky can give you great protection on this too.

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