20% of Ipgp.net voters have more than 100 websites

This month i ran a poll on my website asking the visitors how many websites do they own. The variants of answers were 1,2,3-5,5-10,10-100, more than 100.

The most part of the results are basically expected, some people focus on only one website, others have several websites that they work in parallel, but having more than 100 websites is kind of sadness.

I have a question for my fellow voters who own more than 100 websites: How can you handle it ? Well, i don't want to guess that they are only made for spam reasons, or the domains are just brought so others can't get them.

I invite all of you to share your story, what strategy do you approach when handling your websites, you hire other people to take care of them, you just start them put some ads and leave them there. I am very curious.

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