Protect your computer on the Internet with OpenDNS

We all know that the Internet will be almost everything in the near future. Games are switching from offline to online. Even if you say right now that an online game will never be as good as an offline game, i bet you are right, but this don't prevent people to prefer online games more. They have other advantages, they can be played from anywhere, they are light, etc.

We must accept the change and be a part of it. Big companies will invest more and more into web based games and maybe someday they will be better than offline ones.

With these being said, our activity depends on internet, but along with the games and software moving online, we have something else that moves: viruses. The viruses are not intended just to make some damage to your computer, they want to take advantage of security issues, they want to force you to buy something, they want to get your private data for later use, they use things from your computer to infect other computers too.

Now we face daily websites that are being infected, when someone visits the website, it gets infected too and then he infects other websites. But in the future, we will have more attacks to other aspects of the Internet activity.

Even the simplest things, for example, redirecting you to a bad website, where they sell you crap or a porn site, it will make no damage to you or to your computer, but they annoy you and you are unhappy about that and you want the things to be fixed as soon as possible.

Another very popular type of problems over the internet are pishing websites. A bad intended person duplicates a major website, put it on other address and then he sends you an e-mail pretending that you have to change your credit card, with a link to the bad website. You can't notice that it is not the real website and you enter your credit card details.

Well, we must be very careful, so a good way to prevent this is to use some DNS service that provides you with enhanced security. It will not solve all your problems, but they can help you against some types of network attacks and somewhat to pishing and porn content.

What a DNS service can do, it can filter the web content and prevent you from being able to open pages that contain porn, pishing websites and websites that tries to inject viruses into your computer. They are checking these URLS and when they ses a problem that URL get blocked and it can't be accesed anymore if you use your DNS service.

A good DNS service that provides you enough security is Open DNS.

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