Find Someone’s IP Address Application

Getting the IP Address of someone can be a pain if you are not a tech person. Every pc have an IP Address and for every connection made to a server, site, chat system, the IP address is disclosed to the server ( unless there is a proxy used ). So, if you want to find the IP address of someone who you exchange emails, chat or discuss on facebook or a forum, the only thing needed is for him to connect to a server where you have access. Well, as I said, if you are not a tech guy than you are already confused.

Let me put this in other words. Using our latest developed tool: IPGP Find IP Address , you can create a short link to a story, a youtube video, a picture on the internet or anything you like, that will be re-routed trough our servers and it will tell you the IP Address of everyone who visited that link.

How this works ? When you send the short link to the person you want to find the IP Address, and he access it, he will be first sent to our server where we save his IP address, and then he is redirected to the story, facebook page, image, youtube video, etc. It is happening so fast that there is no way he could notice that anything happened.

Then, you can come back to the application and to see who visited your link and their IP addresses.


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