Why people are trying to find exact location of an ip address

Hello again. This is my first real blog post here, after the introductory post which i can't count. I want to share with you some data built here on Ipgp.net . In the last month i run a poll on my website and i asked my visitors: "Why is the reason you use this tool ?" . Maybe you remember seeing this on homepage or probably you voted for it.

The possible answers for the poll were:

  • For fun, just to see if this tool works
  • I am curious if other people can find my location based on my ip address
  • I just want to find out what IP address do i have
  • I am checking a proxy
  • I am trying to find the location of a hacker or spammer

The results are the following.

Google Chart

Most of Ipgp.net ip lookup tool users are trying to find someone else ip address: a spammer, a hacker, someone that told him bad words, etc. 21% of the users are here just for fun, and other 6% by curiosity, which is almost the same thing. Only 8% of users want to find their IP address while 9% are checking for a proxy.

These results are important to me because i want to know what kind of users i have and how to provide them best features i can make. I will do more polls in future and i will post the results here.

The fun part is that here are getting people who want to find out who is spamming them, who wanted to login into their account, in the same time, people who are checking if proxies are working to do something that they are not allowed to do normally. Maybe i should do a tool that when someone is searching for a spammer, who actually used a proxy that he tested here to show: "You hacker/spammer was here".

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