How often you reinstall windows on your pc ?

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An article with this name  was written by me back in 2007, you can read it here . I was always proud with the ability that i can keep the windows operating system clean. It is not easy, but it was easier than installing windows every 2 months. Bookmarks, settings, documents, desktop, browser cache, everything is lost when you install windows again.

Is there a way to clean the windows to prevent reinstalling ? Yes, there it is, if you keep it clean you can keep it as long as you want. My windows, before he died lasted 4 years.

  • Viruses
  • Overload due to many programs installed and not uninstalled properly
  • Improper windows settings

When you first install windows, even if your computer is slow, it will work well, but after you install some programs you can see that the performance will drop. At that point if you do not make some performance tweaks you will hate the windows because it loads so heavy.

What to do to keep your windows clean:

  • Use an anti-virus and firewall .
  • Be careful what programs you are installing , try to install only from trusted sources.
  • Don't install programs that you don't use
  • Uninstall programs that you are no longer use
  • Clean-up registry with registry cleaner software
  • Set visual effects and memory settings to match your computer's performance
  • Block start-up programs that are not necessary

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