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As you can see in the title, today ( 20-01-10 ) i'm launching blog where i will start posting articles. Before i tell you what this blog will be about i want to take you into a time journey.

My name is Lucian Apostol and i'm the founder of, i'm web developer and internet marketer.

Everything started on 07-07-2006 when i started this website and started my way into internet marketing. I learned a lot in this time 3 and a half years since is providing you with accurate ip address lookup.

In whole this time got 1.667.862 pageviews, 544.715 visits and 416.361 satisfied absolute unique visitors. When i started this the only functionality of the website was the Ip address lookup feature. I will always remember the lame design that i first time had. It started as a hobby, i wanted just to do something on the web, something that others will use.

When the website started to develop i changed the lame design with this one and i kept it for about 2 years. In middle 2008 i got a friend to help me with the website marketing who also changed the design to the one that is now. During all this time we added other  features, and we also have great plans for the future. We now have an API for developers who want to make tools or websites using data provided by us, free website widgets for webmasters to quick add them to webpages. The blog is another feature that is part of a long list that we have.

What will be the blog about ? I make this blog to add more value to the website and give good content to loyal users. That content will consist on articles written by us or by others about related subjects to this website: ip address, networking, internet, computers, technology. We will also post diverse stuff about this website or the subject of this website. I can tell you that it will be cool stuff that is worth reading. So don't wait anymore and subscribe to it's posts in a feed reader or by e-mail.

I will end this introductory article by thanking you for beilg a loyal visitor to and i hope you will become a loyal reader of this blog too.  If you have suggestions or questions you can post them here, or if you have something private to ask use our feedback form.

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