Ipgp API usage

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In October last year i've implemented Ipgp Application Programming Interface ( API ). Website owners can use data provided by Ipgp to extract information about IP addresses, or to show the flag to their visitors.

I was reticent about the impact that the API will have and i thought no one will use it, but after the settling time i am surprised of it's usage.

The stats are: 50 000 IP addresses are resolved every day trough Ipgp.net API. I am glad that i can help many webmasters to improve their websites without having to deal with every aspect.

Why to re-invent the wheel ? The Ipgp.net API is easy to use as it provides the information in XML format.

To use it, query: http://www.ipgp.net/api/xml/ , where is the ip address you want to find info about. Paste it with some XML parser and get the results.

You can find more info on the Ip address lookup API page.

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