Keep your windows clean, uninstall programs that you don’t use

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Is your windows slow ? Maybe your old computer should perform better if the resources will be used better.

Every program that you install on your windows, it creates registry entries and startup applications that will run every time the windows starts.

This is pain for your computer. It is like so many programs work at the same time.

The first thing to do is to uninstall programs that you no longer use. They will not be loaded anymore at startup, they will not eat up your space and your windows installation will be free and will work better.

To uninstall programs, go to Control Panel, and then select Add/Remove programs. Wait for the list to be populated and look for any program that you might not use. Uninstall everything.

Another strategy to prevent this from happening is to try to don't install a software where you can find the same functionality on the web. The software is moving to the web, in your browser. In this way low resources will be consumed and your windows will not crash so often.

For example there are so many sites that offer you messenger services, yahoo,aim,msn, irc, all are suported. Why to install something on your PC when you can use it online, whenever you want, even if you switch computer, from your mobile phone and other devices.

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