When looking for a new hosting company check to see if they have cPanel

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When you have to look for a hosting company you look at features that you get. The main things are bandwidth, space, mysql databases, domains allowed.

While those are the main features of a web hosting, there are others that have to be checked. Most people ignore them because they think they are not so important, but they are.

While i can bet that the main requirements are met by all hosting plans, for example php support, phpmyadmin, etc. There is something that differs a lot from hosting to hosting: The management.

The management is important. During my experiences with hosting companies i checked several custom administration panel, and the open source plesk and cPanel.

While the custom ones provided more features, they were unable to fulfill all my expectations, very hard to find how to do things. I had to contact support often for info about how things are working. Another problems like not being alowed to host a domain on the account if that domain was previously at the same hosting company for another client.

This kind of things will never happen if your hosting provider use cPanel for hosting account management. cPanel is open source and you can find how to do things in seconds by searching on google.

Now i'm using HostGator which provides me cPanel and a Live Support which is a good idea. At any hour i can contact them to ask something. At other hosts i had to wait a day until they responded.

If you want to move from your current host, or if you just want to buy for the first time, make a smart choice. Click here and get a hosting account at Hostgator.

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