I think it is time to move from Windows Xp

I liked windows XP, it was a good version of Windows. The problems at the start of the XP was terrifying, but with service pack 2 most of the problems were solved. Despite i like windows xp, let's face it, it is not getting any younger. Windows XP is losing popularity.

According to a poll i run on my site, 36% of my readers use Windows 7, and only 26% are using XP. The results of the poll may be not representative for the whole world, but they say something: Windows 7 is more popular right now. What happens ? The advantage that everything works on XP will go away. Software and driver developers will start to support less and less the "old" version of Windows and we will start to have problems.

The support for windows XP will end in 2014, but let's be honest, Microsoft is focusing all the powers to the new operating system, not to the old one, so not much to be done for XP. The support for Windows 98 ended in 2006, but i stopped using it in 2002.

Let's go deeper into stats. My Google analytics account says that 49% of my users are using Windows 7 or Windows vista, while 48% of them are using Windows XP. These stats are not so bad for windows XP. Some kind of stats may be encouraging for anyone, but as i said before these stats will never improve for windows xp. No new adepts, no new fans. At the beginning of this year Windows XP was at 70% percent. A really huge drop.

Conclusion: Maybe the support from Microsoft from XP stops in 2014, but the support from users already started to drop.

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